Special Thank You

I want to take the time to thank some very special people. Who not only touched Monique's life and my life, but people who where sent to answer my prayers. 

To Crystal and Louise my new best friends online thank you so much for being there. We have exchanged countless emails and IMs. Without you two I would be lost. I love you both. 

To Newly Angels club, my light in the dark, thank you all. You all have been there when I needed you. I look forward to the posting from you all. I am proud to have such a great "family" on the net. 

To the many survivors that shared their story with me and the world. Thank you! I have never felt so much love in my life. The support I received from the online community can never be repaid.

When Monique passed away we had no money to pay for a funeral.We tried to go through the city,but after 2 weeks of waiting she still hadn't been buried.When the Lord sent a special person by the name of Mrs. Walker into my path.She is the manger of my other children's daycare.She not only found us a funeral home , but also preacher to perform the finial words. Thank you Mrs. Walker 

To James Graham of James Graham Mortuary, Inc. there are no words to thank you for what you did for us. He donated the funeral, casket, plot, and the graveside services.This man was completely generous and kind. If anyone should ever met this man you are truly blessed.May the Lord bless you ten folds for what you have done for us.

James Graham Mortuary
3631 Moncrief Rd
Jacksonville, Fl 32209
(904) 766-0436 

To all Monique's nurses and Pediatric Ass. Of America (PSA) thank you for caring for my daughter. To Toni and Ellen thank you for being supportive while my angel was here and in her passing. May your light shine on other children

Pediatric Ass. Of America
4051-2 Phillips Highway
Jacksonville, Fl
(904) 730-2200

To Kids Medical Club (KMC) I want to say thank you not only for touching my daughter life, but the lives you touch everyday. There was one nurse that was close to Monique and her name is Dee. To her I want to say thank you and I hope she brought as much sunshine in your life as she did in mine.

Kids Medical Club
For Children With Special Needs
4051-2 Phillips Highway
Jacksonville Fl
(904) 731-0030

To Loretta Sharp at Children's Medical Services I want to thank you for everything.This company helped pay for equipment and supplies.

Children's Medical Services
9090 Woodstock Drive
Jacksonville Fl
(904) 348-2700


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